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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Writing Update

I’ve tried to keep this blog updated regularly over the last few months, and I think I’ve generally succeeded.  However, I don’t think recent posts have provided an update on what I’m doing.  So, here goes:
  • Art Class’ and ‘The Well’ were both published last year.  eTreasures Publishing are going to be making ‘The Well’ available for Kindle, so I assume it’ll turn up on Amazon soon.
  • Dana’s Children’ was accepted for publication in January.  It’s a violent horror based around Irish invasion myths.  Contracts still haven’t been signed and I’m reluctant to name the publisher until they are, just in case something goes wrong.  I have sent back the cover art form, though.
  • I’ve written what isn’t quite a sequel to ‘Art Class’, although it does feature the same main characters.  It’s very nearly ready to submit.
  • A Celtic fantasy will go through Critters this week.  It’s got a similar sort of feel to ‘The Doe and the Dragon’ and is a story I’m very fond of.  I hope Critters – and in due course a publisher - are as keen!  And a mention to Phil who read an early draft and gave loads of advice, and in particular encouragement when the going got tough.
  • I’ve started another horror novel, based again around Celtic myth.  I’ve only drafted a handful of chapters and I’m not fully convinced it’ll be a strong one, although it’s likely to be fun to write.  It’s got very much a 1960s/1970s Hammer feel.
  • I’m putting the final touches to a horror novella about Scottish witch trials.
  • I’ve reviewed a 150,000-word novel on Critters in around two weeks(!).  It was fun, and I have to admit gave me something writing-related to focus on during a period of writer's block, so the timing was perfect.
  • I’ve written a short, called ‘Stones’.  I don’t do many shorts because I don’t think they suit my style, so it’s a bit of a milestone.  (To be honest I wrote ‘Stones’ years ago but I’m quite pleased with it so I’ve revived and polished it.)  It’s about a honeymoon couple who come across a stone circle.

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