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Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Works in Progress

It’s been a while since I gave any sort of update.  There’s a lot going on in my writing world at the moment, with several projects in various stages of happening.  Here’s a summary:

1.  ‘The Torridon Witches’ was accepted by Damnation Books earlier this year.  I’ve already shown off the cover.  It’s a novella about four backpackers who are accused of witchcraft in remote Scotland.  I’m waiting to receive amendments from my editor.

2.  ‘Dana’s Children’ was also accepted earlier this year, this time by Wild Child Publishing.  It’s a violent horror novella about archaeologists who uncover a mythical tribe.  Like ‘The Torridion Witches’, I’m waiting for edits.

3.  I’m polishing another novella about archaeologists making an unpleasant discovery.  This one is a tongue-in-cheek undead story based on a remote Scottish island.  It’s great fun to write and definitely not serious.

4.  I’m writing a science fiction/horror novel based around World War One.  I don’t usually touch science fiction (I don’t ‘get’ it), but there’s enough horror for me to feel within my comfort zone, and I’m enjoying doing something different, too.

5.  A historical fantasy a novel based on a medieval Welsh legend is just about complete.  The story is about a king who needs to keep his foot in a maiden’s lap.  Despite that unusual summary it’s a wonderful story of love, power and war.  I can’t claim any credit for the plot but I hope my retelling does justice to one of my favourite Welsh tales.

6.  An erotic piece featuring Kerry-Jane and Amy, who ‘starred’ in one of my other erotic works, ‘Art Class’.

7.  Now Dark Realm Press is no longer with us, ‘Andraste’s Blade’ has reverted to me.  It was the first novel I had published and is a bit ropey in places.  A longer-term plan is to improve it and self-publish.

8.  ‘Snuff’ is a violent horror I wrote some years ago which hasn’t got picked up.  I think I’ve had weaker published, so I’ve dusted it off, reedited, and will be trying again.

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