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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Torridon Witches: ‘Coming Soon’

The Torridon Witches’ is now listed under ‘Upcoming Releases’ on Damnation Books’ website!

Picnic, fire, peopleThere are loads of other ‘Upcoming Releases’ due to be published on Sunday, so the section is well worth a look.  I’ve got to know some of the other authors a little in the build up to release, and found some of the stories behind the stories fascinating.

Damnation Books offers new books at ‘Variable Prices’ on release day – 25cents for the first person to buy a title, 50 cents for the second purchaser, and so on.  Someone could get hold of all sixteen titles for four dollars!

The ‘Meet the Author’ chat sessions will be at Damnation Books’ chatroom at 2pm and 7pm USA Eastern Time (7pm and midnight UK time).

Here’s the blurb:

They don’t burn witches any more…do they?

Fiona MacLeod returns to Dunmorgan to gain revenge for Gran’s burning as a witch a decade ago. Friends accompanying Fiona have a row and in their tempers use the word ‘witch’. The villagers’ attitudes are ancient, and the friends are soon on trial for witchcraft. To avoid the stake Fiona must confront the charismatic but brutal Blue Eyed Man. She must also take on the sadistic villagers who were responsible for Gran’s death, and who are desperate for another burning.

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