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Friday, 21 March 2014

The Writer’s Desktop


(Well, this writer’s desktop, anyway…)

I’m always happy to mention to anyone who wants to listen (and anyone who doesn’t), that I loathe laptops.  That’s a long story and probably a subject for a different blog post.  Instead, I use a static lump of a desktop PC for writing.

Not using a laptop, of course, takes away a lot of flexibility because I can only produce in one place (my home office).  The upside of that, of course, is that I have a permanent setup, and my writing area looks exactly as I want it – even to having the home office painted in Aldershot Town Football Club’s red and blue.

So, just what does my writing area look like?  What do I have on my desk?  Well, most of it is routine, but there might be one or two surprises:

  • Mouse, keyboard, tower and monitor.  Not much of a shock, then.  I did invest in the largest widescreen monitor my budget would allow, to make it easier to have multiple windows open;
  • Copy holder;
  • A4 sheet folder.  I like to proof read on hardcopy in an armchair so the folder is useful;
  • Metal worktop protector.  I put my mug on it.  It’s bigger than a coaster, so more difficult to miss when I’m too engrossed in my writing to concentrate on where I’m putting my coffee;


  • Desk lamp;
  • Notebook;
  • Electronic photo frame.  So I can have loads of pictures without the clutter;
  • Lava lamp.  It’s a generational thing modern youth wouldn’t understand;
  • Slate placemat.  It reminds me of my north Welsh holidays, and also keeps the volume control for the PC’s speakers in place, and gives me something to keep my stress relieving executive toy and a speaker on;
  • I’ve got a small library of half a dozen or so books I’m always referring to (a dictionary of Celtic myth, dictionary, thesaurus, etc etc.);
  • Printer (actually on a cupboard next to my desk);
  • Two or three caster cups.  I think they’re ideal for putting small stationery on – paper clips, drawing pins and the like; Caster Cups
  • Pen holder – complete with pens;
  • Candle base.  it’s a few inches across and ideal for keeping flash drives, spare pencil leads, and similar on.
  • Stapler, hole punch, calculator, etc.

(Thank you to Peter Richardson for taking the pictures.)

Is my list about typical?  What other things do authors have in their writing area?

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