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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Eton Mess

I’m thrilled to announce an acceptance.  My erotic novelette, ‘Eton Mess’, will be published by Keith Publications

‘Eton Mess’ isn’t a sequel to my other Keith Publications’ erotic release, ‘Art Class,’ but it does feature the same main characters and it’s a similar type of story, so I think of them as being in the same series.

I’m excited to be with Keith Publications again; the editing and publication for ‘Art Class’ was smooth, businesslike and friendly so I’ve been looking forward to publishing with the house again.

Kerry-Jane and Amy are friends studying for their doctorates at a local university.  They’ve spent a long day working, and decide to visit a local Greek restaurant to unwind.  And they certainly do unwind, as they enjoy the contents of the sweet trolley perhaps a little too enthusiastically - to the delight of the waiters!

Contracts have been exchanged, and I’ll post the release date when I know it.

Thank you to Phil McCormac, who read and commented on an early draft.

Art Class Small

Art Class’ is still available, should anyone be interested in reading Kerry-Jane’s previous adventure, when she posed as a model for a class of art students.

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