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Sunday, 24 August 2014

‘The Well’– Now on Amazon

Well SmallMy eTreasures novella. ‘The Well’, is now available on Amazon.  That’s a bit after publication but I know it’s taken a while for the publisher to get all its books listed.  It means ‘The Well’ is also available on Kindle.

This is all largely an administrative nicety, but it’s good to have all my releases listed on Amazon, and on a materialistic note it’ll make it easier for people to find and buy the book.

My Amazon Author page now shows everything I’ve had released.

Here’s the blurb for ‘The Well’:

When beautiful heiress Connie Straker wakes from a drugged sleep, she has no idea why she is at the bottom of a dry well.

Connie anticipates freedom when her prison floods, but is dismayed to find she remains a captive. If she is going to escape, she must outthink two violent brothers with a grudge against her family, overcome wild animals and find a way through the cage barring her way.

Connie’s best chance of freedom might lie with the college nerd who has had a crush on her for years. But Julian is a creep who Connie despises and she has to decide whether to trust him. Can he overcome his fear of the brothers and help her escape? Or will her captors put a violent end to Julian’s efforts? Will Julian take advantage of her desperation and make Connie’s life-or-death situation even worse?

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