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Monday, 18 October 2010

Cover Art

I’ve been fortunate with the cover art for all my novels.  I’ve been chuffed with the pictures I’ve had for every book so far.

‘The Doe and the Dragon’ looks like being another impressive cover.  The picture is still being finalised, but artist Genene Valleau has come up with something particularly striking and eye catching.  I can’t wait to see the final version. 

Thank you Genene!

See more covers from Genene at:

Sunday, 3 October 2010

I’m Back!

There has been quite a hiatus recently, which has stopped me writing and posting updates. 

I had a great family holiday in North Wales.  Not only was it wonderful be be back amid Snowdonia’s breathtaking scenery, it was refreshing to revisit some of the sites I used in ‘Andraste’s Blade’ and ‘The Doe and the Dragon’.  I also had a flickering of an idea for a new work, but maybe more on that in due course!

I’ve also spent a lot of time editing ‘The Doe and the Dragon’ for Rogue Phoenix Press.  It seems to have taken me ages, and almost prompted me to promise myself never to write anything that long again.  I hope it’ll be worth the effort, though, as I’ve got a soft spot for this story.

Then, just as I was about to get back into the groove with my current novel…my wife got rushed into hospital.  All will be fine, but she is still very weak.  It turned out to be e.coli, and I can see why it can be very dangerous in the young, old or inform.

So, that’s a couple more weeks without writing, and I’ve spent the lat few days in North Wales again, this time on business.  I did manage to stay an extra night after my meeting, though, so I got a couple of walks in as well as a night in my favourite inn, the Tyn-y-Coed.

So, now I’m back, and I hope all will return to normal writing-wise.  I know I owe a few reviews and critiques, and after the hiatus I need to work on my Critters standing, so it might still be a while before I can type anything new.