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Friday, 17 February 2017

‘Weekend Treat’ – Release and Cover

Since editing for ‘Weekend Treat’ was completed a couple of weeks ago, things have moved on quickly.  I now have both a cover and a release date.  Cobblestone Press have told me the story will be available on Wednesday 15 March.

I’ve also got a cover, which is brilliant and a big thank you to Kelly.  The characters are exactly as I imagined them.

WeekendTreat-700x1059Here’s the blurb:

‘Rachel McKenzie has to give up another Saturday morning to her job. Lucky for her, two handsome plumbers have to work through the weekend too.  Egged on by a dare from her colleagues, Rachel dresses sexy and flirts with the men while they work in her office.  The plumbers are eager to return her attention, but can Rachel handle taking things to the next level?’