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Andrew's horror novella, 'The Bathtub', is now available.

Saturday, 25 May 2019


Many people who know me will be know my wife and I have moved to north Wales.  We now live in the stunningly beautiful village of Dolwyddelan, a few miles from Snowdon (or Yr Wyddfa, as we locals call it), the highest mountain in England and Wales.  The picture shows our valley from its southern flank, with the local mountain (Moel Siabod) rising beyond to the north.  I fell in love with the region while at university nearby, and fortunately my wife shares my passion so many years ago moving to Snowdonia became our long-term ambition.

Preparing for the move, moving, and finally unpacking have taken up all my time for the last month or so and left no time for writing.  In addition, a two-week wait for broadband has successfully stifled my online presence.

Four of my historical novels have been set around around here – Andraste’s Blade, The Doe and the Dragon, The Footholder’s Tale, and The Faerie Handmaiden of Annwyn.

As well as providing a much, much better quality of life, I hope the move will give me more time and ideas for writing.  I already know yomping over upland moor and along valley bottoms gives time for thinking about plots.  There is also inspiration around the village, including a castle associated with Llywelyn the Great and a five-hundred-year-old church dedicated to the dark age Saint Gwyddelan, who the village is named after.  Dolwyddelan also has its own dragon legend.

A few miles east lies the ‘Beaver Pool’ in the river Conwy (picture below).  The pool is associated with a water monster, the afanc, and there are stories about how the beast terrorised the valley.

Monday, 6 May 2019

'Football Fantasy' Released!

If the team wins, the prize will be hers…

After going through the editing process my latest erotic novelette, ‘Football Fantasy’, is now available.  The story is about my favourite PhD student, Kerry-Jane, who is working as a temp at the local football club when she has an adventure with the entire team.

A big thanks to Sharon at The Wild Rose Press for taking the book on, and  another thanks to Dianne for a brilliant editing job, and yet another thanks to Diane for a sparkling cover.

Here’s the blurb:

Pretty temp Kerry-Jane enjoys working part-time in the Football Club's ticket office. She's met—and flirted with—some of the team, and her fantasy is to join them in their bath. One sexy star player has caught her eye, and when he jokingly invites her to join them for a steamy after-game bath, she blurts out a challenge. If they win the championship, she'll accept his invitation. It'll never happen, though. The team is too far behind. But unlikely events conspire to hand Poldenham the league win, and Kerry-Jane has to decide if she's brave enough to claim her ultimate fantasy.
Here’s the buy link.