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Andrew's horror novella, 'The Bathtub', is now available.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

An Update

I’ve realised it’s a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog.  So, here’s where I am and what I’m working on.

A couple of books accepted for publication but not yet published:

  • ‘Eton Mess’, an erotic novelette starring Kerry-Jane - my favourite PhD student who made her debut in ‘Art Class’ - has been edited and proofed.  I’m awaiting a release date from Keith Publications.  Kerry-Jane also appears in my Cobblestone Press novelette, ‘Bank Manager’;
  • ‘Operation Trench’ is a time travel novel with horror elements set around Flanders’ trenches in World War One.  It’ll be published by Rebel ePublishers (who published ‘The Footholder’s Tale’), tentatively this year.  Jayne at Rebel hopes to start editing about now.  Kerry-Jane features and is becoming a regular in my stories.

I’m working on a handful other pieces which are in various stages of progress:

  • A retelling of a traditional Welsh story about a fairy maiden called Penni who marries a mortal.  I see this as a companion story to ‘The Footholder’s Tale’ – it’s set in the next valley over - and I’m rather pleased with it.  Penni’s story is in the last stages of redrafting;
  • An erotic horror novella about a trio whose plans for the evening are interrupted with terrifying results…;
  • A couple of horror novellas – ‘The Balloon Game’ and ‘The Clootie Tree’ have started looking for publishers.  ‘Balloon’ is a stereotype ‘B Movie’ slasher-type story but I hope fun, while ‘Clootie’ has a bit more uniqueness.  I hope publishers agree!;
  • ‘Curse’ is another story set in historic north Wales.  It combines several local tales of witchcraft to form a single novella.  It’s inspired by the life of Huw Llwyd of Cynfael, but as I’ve had to add other elements to flesh it out and I’ve set it in a different period, it’s certainly not a retelling.  It’s my current work in progress.
  • A story in a 1970’s epic style about archaeologists who uncover an ancient sacrificed body with horrific consequences for the local population.  This is in the early planning stage so may or may not come to anything.
  • I don’t do anthologies – I prefer to write what I want, when I want - but I’m toying for answering a call for submissions for an erotic anthology which is looking for the type of stories I write.  I’ve got until September to decide whether to inflict some more fun on Kerry-Jane!