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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

‘Football Fantasy’ Cover and Buy Link

This is one stunning cover, for my next story ‘starring’ Kerry-Jane, my favourite PhD student.  Big thanks to Diana for getting everything right, including using the football club’s green and black.  Another big thanks to Sharon at The Wild Rose Press for taking the book on, and yet another  to Dianne for a brilliant editing job.

In this novella, Kerry-Jane is working as a temp at the local football club, when she has an adventure with the entire team.  Here’s the blurb:

Pretty temp Kerry-Jane enjoys working part-time in the Football Club's ticket office. She's met—and flirted with—some of the team, and her fantasy is to join them in their bath. One sexy star player has caught her eye, and when he jokingly invites her to join them for a steamy after-game bath, she blurts out a challenge. If they win the championship, she'll accept his invitation. It'll never happen, though. The team is too far behind. But unlikely events conspire to hand Poldenham the league win, and Kerry-Jane has to decide if she's brave enough to claim her ultimate fantasy.

The book is released on 6 May by The Wild Rose Press.  Here’s the pre-release buy link.