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Kerry-Jane and Amelia

One thing I enjoy doing is having characters appear in more than one work.  A couple of characters who pop up here and there are the gorgeous dark-haired Kerry-Jane and her blond friend Amelia (or KayJay and Amy, as I think of them).  The duo appear most regularly in some of my shorter erotic stories.

KayJay and Amy are PhD archaeology students an an unnamed university on south-east England.

I usually use KayJay's viewpoint.  She is the quieter of the two - I think of her as a shy exhibitionist - while the more bubbly Amy likes bringing her friend out of her shell while enjoying herself at the same time.  That usually results up in KayJay finding herself in situations more daring than she could ever have imagined.  She usually ends up enjoying herself and taking control.

The two have supporting roles in my non-erotic time travel novel, 'The Door into War,' which is largely set in their university's archaeology department.  It was great fun to include my two favourite PhD students in a non-erotic environment, and made the writing easier because I knew how they would react to the situations the story put them in.  In this novel, KayJay is the one who takes control while Amy nearly buckles under the  stresses the book places her in.

Most of my horror or historical fantasy 'stars' two lead ladies in the same mould as KayJay and Amy, and I do enjoy occasionally taking them out of the stress of horror to put them in erotica.  I think they fully deserve to let their hair down for a while instead of being scared out of their wits.

KayJay and (usually) Amy appear to a greater or lesser degree in:


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