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Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Wood's Sales

They say statistics don’t prove anything. However, given that publishers don’t release sales figures until the end of a quarter – even to authors – it takes a bit of detective work to find out how books are doing. (And it’s quite right that publishers don’t provide figures on request, even to authors – they have better things to do than respond to daily requests for updates!).

So, how is ‘The Wood’ doing?

Well, I don’t know in terms of number of sales. Fictionwise, though, list all Eternal Press (EP) publications by (electronic) sales, and Wood is listed as the fourth best selling EP work during the last 20 days. That makes Wood the fourth best selling title out of the eight released this month.

Considering some of my fellow EP authors have a back catalogue and therefore an established following, and that I hold down a day job and so have limited marketing time, I think that’s a respectable showing.

Mobipocket have me down as 50th out of 164 EP titles. I assume that’s an all time list; if so, I’m particularly pleased.

I terms of hardcopy, Amazon have me down as 6th out of 20 recent (last 30 days) EP releases; again, I’m happy with that.

Something I did notice is that Fictionwise show Andraste’s Blade as the second best selling Dark Realm Press title over the last 20 days. That has surprised me a bit, but I have been using Wood’s release as en excuse to advertise my ‘back catalogue’ as well. It’ll be interesting to see at the end of the quarter how much – if at all - Blade’s sales have risen as a result.

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