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Friday, 11 September 2009

'The Shoot' and Other Updates

I’ve got ‘The Shoot’ back from my editor now, asking me to look at some of the proposed changes. I’m expecting it to keep me quiet over the weekend! I’ve not had any new news on a release date, so December 7th is still looking likely. It’s only 11,000 words, so at least the editing should be a breeze compared to ‘Andraste’s Blade’ and ‘The Wood’!

I’ve still got a couple of other ongoing projects that are at the redrafting stage, so it’s going to be a while before I get to sit at a keyboard and produce anything new.

‘The Well’, a story about a young woman who wakes in a dried-up well, needs another proofing. For reasons I won’t bore you with it’s had to be set in the American Mid-West, and early feedback from Critters is that the story is okay, but I need to work on getting the American accents right.

‘The Doe and the Dragon’ (or DD) also needs another rewrite, mainly getting the characters just right, and I think the writing quality needs to be beefed up in places. This one is more fantasy than horror, which I think makes it harder to keep the reader reading – so it needs to be particularly good. DD is a historical one set in North Wales a generation or so before Arthur (hence I affectionately call it, ‘King Arthur’s Parents’). Again, early feedback is that the plot works, although the characters need to be stronger.

I suppose I should get these out of the way before carrying on with any new writing. That might take until mid-October.

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