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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I’m Back!

Not that I’ve been away, but I haven’t posted for a while. So, here’s an update on what I’m doing.

I had a potentially catastrophic PC crash a few weeks ago, caused by a power surge immediately before a power cut. Fortunately I back up regularly, so I didn’t lose much data, although it’s been an ongoing job to get my desktop and links and the like as I used to have them.. However, I did need to buy a new hard drive (upgrade!). I also took the opportunity to switch to Windows 7.

Writing-wise it’s been a bit quiet. ‘The Well,’ a novella about a young woman who wakes up in a…well, is with a publisher who expressed an interest after seeing an outline and a sample chapter.

‘The Doe and the Dragon’, a historical fantasy set around early Welsh legends, will be sent out to publishers soon. Anyone who knows me well will know that for my history/archaeology degree I concentrated on post-Roman Wales which has always been one of my passions (along with Aldershot Town Football Club and horror fiction). I’ve always wanted to write something based on the period, but wanted to wait until I could think of a plot that was both original and did the period justice, and I like to think I’ve managed it here. I also tried to avoid Arthurian clichés, and again I hope I succeeded. The main difficulty was that I don’t know the fantasy genre too well. I couldn’t resist putting some horror elements in, but it is primarily a fantasy work and I hope I didn’t get any important fantasy elements wrong.

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