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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Do I write the wrong genre?

I was talking to someone a few days ago, and it got mentioned that I do writing.  As usual I was asked what I write, and as usual I said I usually do Celtic-based fantasy/horror.  I added that I’ve also had a short GLBT erotic piece published (‘The Shoot’, published by Eternal Press). 

He was more interested in this than in all my horror/fantasy books put together!

While I’m as proud of Shoot as I am of any of my books, it is frustrating that people don’t seem as interested in my longer horror works, which I enjoy writing more and which I think of as ‘my’ genre.

I’ve often read that erotica is ‘the’ genre to write in.  Maybe I’ll have to think about doing some more!


  1. Interesting thought. I know that science fiction is a difficult market right now, probably because we live in a world where there are few mysteries left and real-life miracles of science and technology are commonplace. Everyone seems to believe there is nothing we can't do.

    wonder if it's the same with horror: just too damn much real life mayhem to make reading it worthwhile. I think that if the story is fresh, and the plot interesting, both science fiction and horror sell--with big film option potential. Almost all the films being released this summer seem to be SF or horror, besides the kiddie animation that also appeals to adults. One could even argue that the final installment of Harry Potter is horror.

    Now sex, well that sells.

  2. Erotica is fun to read and to write--I worry though about being thought of as a "porn" writer. Maybe a pseudonym is the answer?