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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Acceptance: Dana’s Children

I heard a couple of days ago that Dana’s Children has been accepted for publication.  It’s a supernatural horror inspired by Celtic Irish invasion myths, about a group of archaeologists who make a terrifying discovery.

A big thank you to my publisher for taking this on.  (As always, I’ll refrain from naming the publisher until contracts are signed and sealed, just in case…)  However, it’s a house I’m excited to be associated with.

Several people read parts of early versions and suggested changes.  Particularly grateful thanks, though, to Philip McCormac and Carl Alves.  Phil and Carl both ploughed through drafts from beginning to end and helped significantly improve the story.

Phil’s take:  "An amazing story of an underworld of vicious little people and a group students trapped in theirr terrifying wold. Compelling and terrifying."

More about Dana’s Children to follow.

Most of my work falls under the banner of ‘Celtic fantasy/horror’ and Dana’s Children is no exception.  Of my seven stand-alone releases, this will be my fourth Celtic-themed one.  The other three are:
A list of all my books, including the non-Celtic publications, is here.

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