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Friday, 21 June 2013

Dark Realm Press

A while ago I reported that Dark Press have taken up their option to cancel the publishing contract for ‘Andraste’s Blade’. 

The publisher’s web site has now disappeared, so I assume Dark Realm Press is no longer with us.  As no electronic version of ‘Andraste’s Blade’ seems to be freely available I also assume the book is now out of print – although I do have a pdf and several hardcopies.  Maybe one day they’ll be so rare they’ll be worth a fortune.

Blade SmallI want to say another big thanks to Ann at Dark Realm Press for taking a chance on a first time novelist.

A long term plan is to tidy the novel, get it re-edited, and try a self-publishing experiment with it.  It’ll be a lot of work and I’ve got more exciting projects in the pipeline, so it’ll be low priority and isn’t going to happen soon.

‘Andraste’s Blade’ was the first novel I wrote.  I was pleased with the plot, but I think the writing suffered from my lack of experience.  One of my readers, though, has told me the storyline makes it his favourite ‘Richardson’.  I hope tightening and re-editing the book will make it a better read.

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