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Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Moment of Personal Pride

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When I had ‘Andraste’s Blade’ published back in 2005, I took great delight in printing a copy of the cover and hanging it at the bottom of the stairs.

I wasn’t really expecting any more successes, so when I told my wife that one day I’d have book covers running all the way up the stairs we both treated it as a throwaway, tongue-in-cheek remark.

As I’ve had more publications, the wall running up our stairway has become more crowded.  I’m not sure what some visitors make of the scantily-clad models on the front of ‘The Shoot’ or ‘Art Class’!

Now, six years later, I’ve received a finalised cover for ‘The Torridon Witches’ from Damnation Books.  I printed a copy and went to hang it along the stairs with the others, and…no room!  And I’ve still got artwork for ‘Dana’s Children’ to come from Wild Child Publishing.

I may not have made a fortune from my writing.  I may not be a household name.  I may not be as prolific as some of my writing friends.  My works may not all be novel length.

However, realising that I’ve written enough books that editors have thought good enough to be published, for their covers not to fit on my wall, is a moment of personal pride.  I hope readers will forgive me the indulgence of mentioning it.

I wouldn’t have reached the landmark without the support of my writing buddies (you know who you are) and especially my wife and son, who tolerate (or celebrate?!) me disappearing to the computer to indulge in my passion.  Thank you.

My publications (together with their cover art) are listed here:

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