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Friday, 4 October 2013

Back in the Saddle

I’m emerging from a few weeks where my online presence and my productivity have both been limited.  That’s been due to a (wonderful) holiday, a busy period with the day job, and helping my in-laws move.

Hopefully I’m back to normal now, and here’s a brief rundown of what I’m doing at the moment.

1.  ‘The Torridon Witches’ was published while I was on holiday.  It was a fun but surreal experience having the launch chat in a remote Welsh inn with gammon and chips followed by a gooey pudding – and of course a Welsh Ale.

2.  I’ve submitted ‘Footholder’.  (This is a novel retelling a Welsh story about a king who will die unless either he is at war, or his foot is in a maiden’s lap.  Despite the strange premise it’s a wonderful story, and I can only hope I’ve done it the justice it deserves.)

3.  I’m wring a new novel based around a World War One archaeological dig.  It’s more science fiction than fantasy/horror, and I’m enjoying both the change of genre and time period.

4.  A tentative start on a novel based on Irish myth. 

So, there we are.  I may not have been online, but I’ve been busy, honest!

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