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Saturday, 5 July 2014

An Update

I realise it’s nearly a month since I posted anything here.  So, this is a brief paragraph or two to let everyone know I’m still around.
The reason for my lack of productivity is easy – the World Cup.  I’ve managed to get a decent amount of writing done despite the two or three matches a day.  What has fallen by the wayside, though, are my social media ‘duties’.
In the last month I’ve managed to get a few things done:
  • I’m working on a Celtic-myth based story I’m calling Tribute;
  • Morgan’s Isle, a modern slasher, has been through Critters with reviews which are, at best, mixed.  That’s fine, it’s not one of my best and confirms what I thought rather than disappoints;
  • The Clootie Tree, a modern horror novella, goes through Critters in the middle of the week;
I’ve not had any response on the two stories (a science fiction/horror novel and an erotic short) I’ve submitted to publishers.

Nor has there been any movement on the three acceptances currently going through the process (Snuff and Dana’s Children, both violent horrors, and Footholder, a historical fantasy).  The ‘no news’ bit is fine; the publication process isn’t quick and in some ways I’d be more surprised if I had heard something!

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