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Monday, 22 June 2015

‘Snuff’ Cover and Release

I’ve heard from Damnation Books that ‘Snuff’ is scheduled for release on 1 September. 

bikini in actionI’ve also had the cover art.  As with all my Eternal Press/Damnation Books covers, this has been done by the award winning and brilliant Dawné Dominique.  As usual, Dawné has produced a belter.  ‘Snuff’ is the most brutal story I’ve written; the cover is hard-hitting and pulls no punches in its reflection of the story.

As a reminder, ‘Snuff’ is about two archaeologists who are kidnapped and forced to take part in fights to the death for a paying audience.  I wrote the first draft many years ago, but it took several rewrites for me be happy that the sex and violence is in context and only secondary to the plot, before sending it to Damnation Books.

At the moment, ‘Snuff’ is with me for its final round of edits.

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