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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Snuff Released!

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It’s been a very long wait, but ‘Snuff’ is finally published today.  I penned the first draft ten or more years ago, but it took me many years and rewritings to get it as I wanted it.

‘Snuff’ is my deepest ever journey into splatter.  It’s about an archaeologist, Shauna Hegarty, who is kidnapped and forced to take part in snuff movies. 

Thank you to Damnation Books for taking it on, to Dawne Dominique for the brilliant cover, to Kyle for his editing job, and Neil Evans and (in particular) Philip McCormac for commenting on early drafts.

Here’s the blurb:

Archaeologist Shauna Hegarty is looking forward to a working holiday in the Scottish Highlands, but events take a serious when Shauna and her friend Tessa are kidnapped by violent thugs while exploring underground. Their nightmare has only just started – the gang makes money by forcing women to kill each other for an audience. The prospect terrifies Shauna, until she is forced into the ‘arena’ with another woman. Then she has to come to terms with a terrifying concept of enjoying the killing.

And here’s the buy link.

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