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Saturday, 31 October 2015

An Update

I haven’t updated my blog recently.  That’s because I’ve had a lot going on in my non-writing life, including a fun holiday in north Wales looking at locations for the current work in progress.  Here’s where I am with a few things:
  • Snuff’ (violent horror) and ‘The Footholder’s Tale’ (historical fantasy) were both published earlier this year.  The two reviews ‘Footy’ has received on Amazon are both very positive;
  • ‘Eton Mess’ (erotic novelette), ‘Dana’s Children’ (horror) and ‘Operation Trench’ (World War One/time travel/science fiction) are all accepted and in various stages of the publication process.  I don’t have release dates yet, although the publisher has provisionally pencilled ‘Trench’ in for sometime in 2016;
  • The current work in progress: ‘The Man who Married a Fairy’ (working title) is a retelling of a traditional north Welsh story about Pelling, a mortal who married a fairy maiden.  It’s great fun to write because I’ve deliberately set it in 547 so I can include some dramatic events/stories of Maelgwn, colourful King of Gwynedd who died in that year.  
  • ‘The Fairy Path’ is the tentative next horror novel I’m planning at the moment.  In remote Ireland it was believed until recent times that supernatural beings travelled in straight lines between ancient sites, and woe betide any mortals who built a house on a ‘Fairy Path’…
  • A horror novel is currently going through Critters, and another is with a publisher for consideration.  Fingers crossed.

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