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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Acceptance – ‘Weekend Treat’

I’m delighted to announce that a publisher will take on one of my erotic shorts, ‘Weekend Treat’.  As usual, I’ll refrain from naming the publisher until contracts are signed just in case something goes wrong.  However, it’s a house I’ve enjoyed working with before, and I’m delighted to be back in the fold.

The story is about Rachel McKenzie, the main character in my recently-released time travel novel, ‘The Door into War’.  In ‘Door’ Rachel, at thirty-one and still single, is concerned she will be left on the shelf.  In ‘Weekend Treat’ she goes into work one weekend to finish writing a paper.  A couple of plumbers are in the office replacing a radiator, they flirt, and Rachel finds she’s still ‘got it’. 

It was a thread I never got to explore in detail in ‘Door’ so it’s good to be able to go into it in a bit more depth.

My usual erotic ‘stars’, Kerry-Jane and Amy, have minor parts in the story.

An acknowledgement to Phil, who commented on the first draft.

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