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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Release Day Approaches!

The Shoot” will be released by Eternal Press in less than a week – Monday 7th December! Be sure to come back on the 7th, when I’ll have some celebratory prizes to give away.

I’ll be doing a live chat on the Eternal Press website between 9-10pm EST on Monday, and I hope to see loads of people there. There’s also Eternal Press’s monthly launch party at their Reader’s Yahoo Group. These are always fun events. And Eternal Press also have a secret surprise in store. It’s so secret that even I don’t know what it is! Sign up for EP’s eZine to find out.

Thank you to Carole Ann Moleti who has interviewed me to celebrate the release. Fellow EP author Gianna Bruno, for a preview. Gianna’s “Hot Chocolate Kiss” will be released by EP early in 2010. I want to give Gianna a public thank you for her help with “The Shoot’s” early drafts – I doubt it would have got published without your help.

Finally, check out “The Shoot’s” video trailer on my YouTube channel. There are trailers for my other books there, too.

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