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Monday, 7 December 2009

Release Day!

The Shoot’s” release is here!

It forms a prequel to other Eternal Press release, “The Wood”. The books have two common characters: Kath Mahoney, a young and gifted archaeologist, and Pippa Laws, her best friend. “The Shoot” is erotica, while “The Wood” is mainstream horror.

Preview (Thanks to fellow EP author Gianna Bruno)
Interview (Thanks to Carole Ann Moleti)

I’ll be online at EP from 9-10pm EST.

Here’s an excerpt from “The Shoot”:

“And how about you?” Robyn asked.

Kath’s brows rose. “Me?”

“Well, it’s just as easy to take pictures of two as it is of one. And if she’s with someone she knows, it might ensure that your friend—Philippa, isn’t it?—is totally relaxed.”

“I haven’t got anything to wear.” Kath pointed to her casual clothes. “It’s hardly modelling material.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ve got a wardrobe through there. You can choose whatever you like.” Robyn nodded toward the door Pippa had disappeared through. “Have you ever been photographed before?”

“Not since I was a kid. Mum hired someone every year so she’d have a picture of me and my sister to send to relatives at Christmas.”

Robyn regarded her. “You’re a gorgeous girl, Kath. I’m pretty sure you’d be really photogenic. I’d really encourage you to give it a go.”

Kath’s cheeks warmed. “I want to be an archaeologist, not a model,” she said. She pushed her hair behind an ear in an embarrassed gesture, but agreed to pose. She followed Pippa into the changing room.

She told me I was gorgeous. A smile curled Kath’s lips.

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