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Thursday, 6 September 2012

‘The Well’ – Another Review

Abyss & Apex Magazine assistant editor Roland de Nedde has written a review of ‘The Well’:

“Andrew Richardson journeys from the more familiar Celtic and British settings of his prior stories to the desert southwest of the United States to deliver a haunting tale of kidnapping, vengeance and tragedy as imperfect people struggle with impossible choices.
When a beautiful heiress to a fast food empire is taken hostage to settle a score between two families, she must dig deep to motivate and inspire the one unlikely person who might rescue her. Trouble is there are more dangerous creatures in this desert than her captors, and they are hungry.

Well SmallAt 26,000 words The Well doesn’t disappoint. It’s got the descriptive elements one would expect in the horror genre, but as usual with Andrew’s work, the writing never gets in the way of the images appearing in the reader’s mind. The plot moves forward building nicely to the end, leaving nothing unsettled.
His characters make believable if painful choices and it’s good to see a change of scenery from Andrew without compromising his usual attention to detail and focus on his story.

Roland de Nedde

Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclaimers: I have received no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for this review. This review has not been submitted, nor will it be, to any established review organizations of which I am a staff member. My opinions stated above are my own and do not reflect the opinions or endorsement of Abyss & Apex Magazine.”

Thank you Roland!

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