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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

‘The Footholder’s Tale’

When ‘Footholder’ was accepted for publication by Rebel ePublishers, I reported that the novel’s title was under discussion.  That’s because the publisher and I wanted to find something that described the story, was marketable, and wasn’t already in use.

After some (well, actually quite a few) exchanges of E-Mails, we’ve decided on ‘The Footholder’s Tale’.  I’m no marketing expert, but from my angle I like that title because I think it brings over the feel I tried to achieve with the story.

I still think of it by the working title I gave it, ‘Footy’.  Rebel ePublishers declined to use that, probably rightly(!)

‘The Footholder’s Tale’ is going through the last stages of editing at the moment, so I hope it won’t be long before I can announce a release date.

As a reminder, the story is a retelling of a traditional Welsh tale about a king who must keep his foot in a maiden’s lap.  Despite the odd premise, it’s a beautiful story of love, war, betrayal and power.  It is easily my favourite traditional story, and I can only hope my retelling does it justice.

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