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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts - Review

I’ve never really got to grips with how to use ghosts in fiction, despite being a horror writer.  Ghosts are of course traditionally vaporous.  I can’t figure how a writer can frighten a reader with something that can’t cause any physical damage.

Despite that, of course, I know if I were ever to see a ghost, I’d run a mile.

So, I had three reasons for buying the book, which is a collection of short stories by different authors.  First, to find out how other writers use ghosts.  Second, I know a couple of the writers and wanted to read their contributions.  Third, I reckoned I was going to get an entertaining read.

I wasn’t disappointed.  Each story is noticeably different, varying from traditional scary stories, to paranormal romance, and to the bizarre.  It’s not fair to mention a favourite because the stories are all so different, but I will pick out ‘Take me to St Roch’s’ because it was set in the Sussex countryside.  It’s an area I know well from childhood visits to grandparents, so I could relate to the setting which the author brings over well.  Contributions from those other writers I’ve come across before didn’t disappoint, either.

As well as enjoying the read, I also learned a few tips on how to treat ghosts in fiction.  Who knows, I may even try a ghost story myself!

The book isn’t expensive, and is well worth what I spent on it.

The book is available from Amazon, among other places.

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