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Saturday, 27 October 2012

I’ve been Kindled!

After months of procrastination I’ve bought myself a Kindle.

“So what?” I hear everyone shout.

Well, a lot of my friends are having books published that either aren’t available electronically, or are expensive in print format.  And ‘Art Class’ is (I think) only going to be available electronically.  ‘The Well’ is only out electronically at the moment.  Being able to read e-books on Kindle is much more convenient than being tied to a PC, and I dislike laptops.  I’ll be able to get more involved in reviewing and marketing and the like now I can read e-books.

What do I think of Kindles?

Well, after a few days it’s probably too early to say.  I can see the potential, though.  I do think we’re maybe a version or two away from the perfect product, although I deliberately went for bottom of the range (I only want to read.  I’m not interested in add-ons).  The more expensive versions may well be nearer perfect. 

I thought I would really miss the feel of paper, but I don’t.  To my surprise I’m not even sure I’d rather have a real book than a virtual one, with the inconvenience of having to turn pages and the like. 

However, as a writer, I appreciate having something with my name on it on a shelf, rather than on an electronic device.

Maybe I’m not as much of a technophobe as I thought!

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