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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Guest Blog: Courtney Rene

I’ve always thought I was doing pretty well by branching out into the occasional erotic novelette in between my horror/fantasy novels. So, it’s a bit of an eye-opener to meet a writer who writes…well, just about everything.

Fellow Rogue Phoenix Press author Courtney Rene has successfully turned her hand at most genres, so I asked about the good and the bad of being a versatile writer. Here’s what Courtney told me:


By Courtney Rene

Photo.BasicI’m versatile. I write non-fiction. I write children’s fiction. I write horror, fantasy, and paranormal. I write anything and everything that pokes my brain and interests me. Now you know that, I bet you are wondering, HOW I can write within so many different areas. How can I be scary and gory one moment and fluffy animals the next? Welp, it’s all frame of mind and setting.

Okay, I can already see the look on your face. The one that says “huh?” Let me explain. There are days that I head out on my lunch hour to the park. The sun is shining. The flowers are in yellow and purple bloom. The bees are in full pollination swing. I can’t very well right about murderous zombies and soul stealing demons within this setting. I am too happy and content. Instead, I will write the fun learning story about what makes a hedgehog wonderful in the face of others. But…

In the dark of the night, with only the light of my screen to see by, the house creaking, and the wind blowing against the windows, I can’t write that sunny happy story. So instead, I will write the spooky or chilling story of darkness stealing the light from within the soul to survive. If I can give myself the willies while writing it, then I know I have done a good job.

What about my fans? How can I write so many different genres and for so many different ages? That one is easy to explain. I love to write. I love being able to write what I feel, not what I have to write because I am stuck in one single genre. FOREVER. Children grow into teens, and teens to adults and adults have children and the cycle begins again. You can find me in all sections of life. I like that. A few of my fans have also said that they are finding they like it as well. That it’s nice to have an author they like to read that they can refer other people to, regardless of their age or their genre preferences.

What do publishers think about my versatility? No idea. None have ever mentioned it to me. I do wonder though if I ever thought to venture into the genre of erotica if it would be a problem for the younger markets. I don’t believe that it will ever become a problem though, as I get giggly when I read steamy stuff, let alone try to write it.

So, there you have it. I’m versatile. I like it that way.



Courtney’s novels have been published by Rogue Phoenix Press. Check them out here, including her most recent release, Shadow’s End.

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