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Saturday, 1 April 2017

‘Dana’s Children’

I read on Facebook a few days ago (and now confirmed on their web site) that Wild Child Publishing (WCP) has folded after ten years in publishing.

The reason it’s a deal for me is that WCP had accepted ‘Dana’s Children’.  It’s a violent horror novel about a group of archaeologists who blunder into creatures from Irish myth while exploring an underground passage.

The novel has been through WCP’s editing process, and I was only awaiting cover art and a release date. 

So, it’s disappointing, but there are a couple of things I can do with the story.

Firstly, I could submit it elsewhere.  As WCP accepted it I don’t see why another publisher shouldn’t, and I have an added advantage with it being professionally edited.

Secondly, I could self-publish.  I don’t have a cover but that should be relatively straightforward.  So, maybe ‘Dana’s Children’ will be my first venture into self-publishing.

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